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Proyecto Agribusiness BGS

BGS Agricultural Project


  • $4.560.000 (2003)
  • $2.280.000 Capital
  • $2.280.000 Debt


  • - Purchase of 12,000 hectares in the Province of Buenos Aires, in the best agricultural area.
  • - Since 2003 up to now, 60% of the hectares have been rented to the most important companies in the area.
  • - To date, all the hectares are debt free.
  • - BGS Group identified the business, carried out due diligence, organized the company and selected management.

Kind of Transaction


Financing Source

- Financially supported by the sellers.

Description of the Project

  • - Since 2003 up to date, EBITDA increased from USD680,000 to USD1,450,000.
  • - Since 2003 up to date, the value of the acquired fields increased from USD800 the hectare to USD6,000/6,500 per hectare.

Current State

  • - With letter of intent on sale to strategic buyer. Foreseen closing date 06-2012. Probable starting value: USD37,000,000.


Gráfico crecimiento EBITDA

Value Creation

Gráfico creación de valor